Top 5 Ranked Products: Which Which Brands Think You’re Stupid?

Learn how to spot an eczema supplement that can actually deliver, and which supplements you can SKIP...

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Nearly 31 million Americans suffer from eczema-related symptoms. Those embarrassing patches of rough, reddened, intensely itchy skin can keep eczema sufferers from enjoying their lives, and for a parent, it’s difficult to watch your child go through it.

There are numerous potential causes of frustrating eczema symptoms. These include environmental factors or allergens – such as cold and dry weather, dampness, and more specific things such as house dust mites, pet fur, pollen and moulds. food allergies – such as allergies to cows' milk, eggs, peanuts, soy or wheat. certain materials worn next to the skin – such as wool and synthetic fabrics.

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There are many different symptoms you may experience when suffering with eczema, such as Dry, cracked skin, itchiness (pruritus), rash on swollen skin that varies in color depending on your skin color, small, raised bumps, oozing and crusting, thickened skin and more.

The Bad News: Not all Eczema creams are created equal. Some companies decide to cut corners, and use cheap and improper ingredients in order to maximize profits while sacrificing quality.

The Good News: There are companies who use one of the best ingredients to fight eczema, known as colloidal oatmeal. You want the product with the best OTC ingredient to help get rid of your eczema symptoms. This also means buying from a company that sources the highest quality ingredients.

Skin problems, often caused by factors like aging, poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of exercise or certain medical conditions, can significantly impact your overall well-being. The epidermis plays a vital role in skin health, making it essential to address any concerns promptly.

No matter how your eczema issues began, your goal is likely to support your skin health quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, finding the right eczema product can be challenging. At Rejuvica Health, we're dedicated to providing information about the best over-the-counter solutions available. With our expertise, we've evaluated various products to help you identify the most effective ones.

We hope you can use this site to make an informed choice about your skin health and find a product that WORKS for you.

How do you pick the best eczema supplement?

Key Ingredients

Prioritize products that include the essential ingredient: Colloidal oatmeal, at least 1% concentration.

Ingredients From Nature

It's Rejuvica's opinion that blending natural ingredients with active ingredients provides the opportunity to harnesses the synergy of science and nature, restoring your skin to its original radiance.

Brand Analysis

Strong Guarantee

Seek brands that offer a money-back guarantee as it demonstrates confidence in the product. Be cautious of guarantees that only apply to unopened bottles – our guarantee covers even fully used products.

24/7 Customer Support

Look for brands with 24-hour customer support to ensure assistance is available when you need it, reinforcing their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Marketplace Insights:

In a market flooded with similar products, it's challenging to find standouts. We've done the research, and our formulation stands as the top choice among the competition.

Top 5 Ranked Support Products This Year


Overall Grade

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  • PROS:

  • Check Mark

    Advanced Innovative Formula: Formulated after extensive market research and guided by strict ingredient criteria.

  • Check Mark

    Moisturizing Oils: Skin affected by eczema needs moisture more than anything, and our formula is packed with three of the most hydrating oils on the market; Jojoba Seed, Sunflower Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil.

  • Check Mark

    Zero-Risk Customer-Centric: User-friendly website, robust money-back guarantee, and 24/7 customer support.

  • Check Mark

    Positive Feedback: High user satisfaction and positive reviews.

  • Check Mark

    Calming Relief From Itchy Skin: Using the powerful active ingredient colloidal oatmeal (1%) that’s been used for centuries, this product helps soothe skin irritation on contact.

  • Check Mark

    Travel-Friendly Assurance: Compliant with airline regulations, with a compact size of under 2 ounces.

  • CONS:

  • X Mark

    Out of stock frequently

Key Takeaways:

Deep Therapy Cream EC stands as the premier eczema product, despite its recent market entry. Our formulation, backed by rigorous research and inclusion of colloidal oatmeal, ensures excellence.

We prioritize liquid formulas for convenience and maintain customer-centric practices with a user-friendly website, straightforward money-back guarantee, and 24/7 customer support.

Glowing user feedback solidifies Deep Therapy Cream EC as a top choice.

Ingredient list: Colloidal Oatmeal (1%), Allantoin, Water, Beeswax, Chamomile, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Coneflower Extract, Licorice Extract, Sunflower Oil, Lanolin, Paraffin Wax, Prunus, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Triethanolamine, Stearic Acid, Propylene Glycol, PEG-100 Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate, Benzyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol

A Breakdown of Athena Derm

Yellow Crown Yellow Crown Yellow Crown Yellow Crown Gray Crown


Overall Grade

Key Takeaways:

This formula contains several oils and moisturizing agents like Shea Butter and Cocoa butter that can certainly help moisturize the skin. The manufacturer states that the product is “loaded with High Quality Premium ingredients that nourish your skin back to health.” The manufacturer states that this product is “Vegan Friendly,” but we’re not quite sure what that means.

We did not like that the product contains sweet almond oil, which might be a concern for some consumers.

We we’re unable to find a website for the manufacturer, so customer support is likely very limited or doesn't exist.

A Breakdown of TrylyPure

Yellow Crown Yellow Crown Yellow Crown Gray Crown Gray Crown


Overall Grade

Key Takeaways:

This cream has several oils which help moisturize dry and irritated skin. We favored oil-based creams over water-based moisturizers because water-based moisturizers tend to evaporate out of the skin.

The Manufacturer states that “Truly Pure uses medical grade Manuka Honey and Aloe Barbadensis, both known for their powerful healing capabilities on problem skin.” If this is true that they use medical grade Manuka Honey, then this is a plus. We are unable to find any verification of this claim.

We didn’t like that we couldn’t find a website for this product, so product support may be limited or may not exist. If you’re spending your hard earned money on a product, we would like to see that they have customer service to back up their product in case of any issues that may arise. For this reason we give the product our #3 spot.

A Breakdown of Healing Max Cream

Yellow Crown Yellow Crown Gray Crown Gray Crown Gray Crown


Overall Grade

Key Takeaways:

The manufacturer of Recurrent Plus claims that this formula "Advanced formula Recuren Plus Healing Max Cream offers rapid support from painful, itchy skin conditions like Dermatitis, Athletes Foot, Jock Itch, Urticaria, Rash, Rosacea and Acne."

It's a little perplexing that the manufacturer claims that this product is intended and formulated to address all of these skin issues and concerns.

We do not like that you can only return the product if it is unopened. What if it doesn't work for your skin? In this day and age a manufacturer should stand by their product, allow you to try it, and if you don't like it, return it for a full refund.

Additionally, the only way to contact this company was through an email address, which is concerning.

A Breakdown of Triple Cream

Yellow Crown Gray Crown Gray Crown Gray Crown Gray Crown


Overall Grade

Key Takeaways:

This cream has beeswax and petroleum, which are both occlusives that create a physical barrier on the ski and lock water and hydration in. We think this formula is pretty weak and we couldn’t find any website for this manufacturer.


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