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This is an issue I’m very passionate about, and it’s because I’ve seen and read so many reports of people using this treatment and the devastating long term consequences they’ve faced with topical steroids.


Cortisone creams are topical steroids that you can buy over the counter or with a prescription, but to be clear: These are NOT for regular use, and should ONLY be used sporadically or in extreme cases.


Topical steroids are used to treat itchy skin, inflammation, and redness from bug bites to eczema and everything in between. At first…


They work! Hooray!


The itchiness and inflammation subside, everything looks great, and then...the redness comes back stronger and you need more cream...stronger cream...and the cycle continues until a day without topical steroids is the worst your eczema has ever looked in your life…



This is now called Topical Steroid Addiction and Withdrawal. As the cream helps reduce inflammation, it actually thins the skin and makes it weaker and more prone to another flare up, not to mention the long list of other devastating side-effects of long terms use like hair loss and hormonal imbalance!


It’s simply not worth it. A day without redness isn’t worth getting caught in this vicious cycle.


If you’re currently using topical steroids, take a look at this website from the International Topical Steroid Addiction Network and take the necessary steps to wean yourself off of them:


The truth is, for many eczema sufferers, topical steroids offer the best relief from that persistent itchiness...but is it worth the costs? The problem is that many eczema creams just provide a thick coat of moisture and little more. But here’s the thing:


There are creams that address the full range of eczema related issues: itchiness, moisture, inflammation, and - more recently - skin damage.



Some of the best eczema remedies fly under the radar because those massive skincare companies have more resources to market their products, but we searched high and low and compared the top eczema products available - breaking them down by ingredient so you can make the BEST and most affordable choice for your skin.


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